James Anderson To Provide Financial Support For UWCL

James Anderson To Provide Financial Support For UWCL

By Craig Edwards

Glasgow City are delighted to announce that James Anderson has agreed to support our club to compete in the UEFA Women's Champions League. The incredible generosity of Mr Anderson now means that we are now able to proudly take our place and represent our nation and we couldn't be more thankful.

Commenting, Club Manager Laura Montgomery said, "Mr Anderson was aware of our financial implications on our club in getting back to train and to play in the Champions League and I have been discussing these with him over the past week as he was keen to help us. Covid-19 has brought unprecedented financial pressures.”

“Not only have we been without our normal sources of income, but we have our Champions League competition to get ready for, when our domestic game is still some time from resuming. “

“The main reason we cannot come back as a League domestically is due to costs. The protocols in place to return to training and competition are highly necessary to ensure the health and safety of players and staff, and they are also extremely expensive to meet and all completely unbudgeted for. We have been required to create a bio hub at our training centre, make numerous medical provisions and of course need to implement twice weekly testing.”

“We also require to travel in the safest possible way to our Quarter Final as recommended by UEFA. I honestly had no idea how we were going to do this, until Mr Anderson and I spoke. His generosity is unmatched in anything I have ever seen in Scottish Women's Football. We cannot say thank you enough. “

“Our players were absolutely magnificent in defeating Brondby to unbelievably get to the quarter finals and it would have been a tragedy for our game if we would have been unable to take our place.”

“Thankfully, with the biggest act of kindness we have known in our 22 years as a club, this is something we now no longer need to worry about.”

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