Anti Racism Policy

This policy is designed to provide clarity to everyone connected with Glasgow City Football Club on the club’s attitude to issues of racial harassment, abuse or discrimination.

At Glasgow City Football Club, we believe that everyone has the right attend football matches in a safe and friendly environment and that means all members of the community whatever their ethnic origin or religion.

The Club remains committed to actively eradicating any such behaviour and we urge our supporters to embrace this idea. 

At Glasgow City we have players from a whole host of countries who work together as a team. Their ethnic origin and cultural background is irrelevant; they share a great team spirit, work hard for one another and are supported by fans

We as a club actively supports Kick It Out and Show Racism the Red Card and the principles they stand for. 

Glasgow City Football Club will not tolerate any form of racial abuse or harassment. Anyone found to be involved in this type of behaviour will be ejected from the ground. 

A racist incident is defined by the club as any incident that is perceived to be racists by the victim or any other person. This is defined by the club to be any verbal, visible or written abuse that is based on a person’s race, ethnic background, colour, nationality, language or cultural background.

To prevent this the club, have a supports Code of Conduct in place. We ask that all supporters and visitors of the club comply with this Code of Conduct at all times when attending matches. Any non- compliance may result in sanctions being taken, including but not limited to ejection from the stadium on match day.

When attending a match, you must:
  • Be considerate and respectful to all players, staff members, officials, volunteers and fellow supporters. 
  • Refrain from unacceptable behaviour such as intimidating, harassing, abusive, derogatory, demeaning speech, materials or conduct aimed at the event itself or Glasgow City. 
  • Refrain from any violence, personal insults relating to race, religion, disability, gender, homophobia or other discriminatory language. 

If you witness any unacceptable behaviours, please report to a member of Glasgow City staff immediately.