Football and Social Responsibility


Glasgow City FC is keenly aware that the impact of football does not start nor end on the pitch. We want to recognise the varying levels of and barriers to access for children in playing football and also actively address the effects of running an academy. 

As there is currently no social responsibility officer at the foundation, this policy seeks to ensure that the operations of the foundation and the actions of those employed by it follows guidelines provided by UEFA, the ECA and the SFA as well as adhering to our own standards of ethics.  

This policy does not cover interpersonal behavioral issues. These may be found under our anti discrimination policy. Instead this policy covers the wider impacts of Glasgow City FC and within that will focus on two strands: ensuring equality to access and sustainability. 

Access for All 

At Glasgow City FC and specifically through our Foundation we are committed to letting any child who wants to play football, play football. While we do not discriminate based on factors such as social background, race, ethnicity or religion we are aware that those who are already at a structural disadvantage face more difficulties than their counterparts in getting involved in football. As an act of solidarity in this regard we are introducing a bursary scheme which again operates on a zero discrimination basis.  

The football club provides language and social integration initiatives for all first team players. 

The foundation participates in social outreach programmes regularly in an attempt to consolidate this philosophy into practice and have a real impact on the society around us. We particularly seek to engage in our local community of Springburn. 

We aim to provide training and education to staff and players alike on matters of human rights, diversity and inclusion.  


As well as ensuring that we give back to and empower the communities in which we operate in, Glasgow City FC acknowledges the unavoidable environmental impact that all operations produce.  

When possible we will always employ a zero carbon approach and partake in environmental initiatives.