Hibernian & Glasgow City in Recast live stream initiative

Hibernian & Glasgow City in Recast live stream initiative


Fans who can’t make it to Sunday’s match between Hibernian and Glasgow City will be able to watch the action on Recast in a collaboration between both clubs. Hibernian will be streaming the match but both clubs will split revenue, so fans will be making a real difference to the teams and the income generated is staying within the two women’s clubs.

Hibernian Women and Glasgow City have both chosen to join Recast this year, giving fans unprecedented access to exclusive highlights, interviews, and behind-the-scenes action, in a way that makes money for both clubs.

The two clubs are flying high in this season’s SWPL table, with Glasgow City currently in second place and Hibernian just five points behind. Supporters of both teams will be able to watch their meeting at the Tony Macaroni Arena this Sunday, which kicks off at 1pm, live on Recast.

Callum Patterson - Glasgow City Head of Media & Content:

"We are delighted that such an important match for our first team will be broadcast live on Recast, bringing what is sure to be a hotly contested game to a wider audience and allowing our fans to see the very best of the action, no matter where they are.

“Partnering with Recast presents our fans with a new way to support us and be at the heart of the club with direct, affordable and flexible access to the content they want to see from the club, allowing them to engage in a fresh and innovative way. This will be the case on Sunday as, although Hibs are broadcasting the match, we will receive a significant percentage of every purchase from our fans, increasing the exposure from the game and giving our supporters another way to back us."

Andy Meikle, Recast’s CEO and Founder said:

“Hibernian have told us of the value they’ve seen in our partnership to date, and I’m delighted Glasgow City are now reaping the benefits of what Recast has to offer as well.

“Matches between the two are always close and entertaining, and I hope fans watching on Recast this Sunday will be treated to another great fixture.”

As a result of being on the Recast platform, Hibernian Women and Glasgow City can both easily take advantage of this revenue stream, sharing earnings immediately and flexibly, while fans are rewarded for their engagement on the non-subscription app. Fans can subsidise the cost of the content they want to watch by signing up, watching adverts, sharing content and inviting friends, with viewing turning into revenue for the clubs and sports they love.

You can purchase the match here on Hibernian’s Recast channel.

You can follow Glasgow City’s Recast channel here to see extended highlights, full match replays and academy coverage first.

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